The Friendly Farmer Butchery

Western Cape , South Africa

The Friendly Farmer Butchery is a family run butchery based on our farm in the heart of the Swartland. We have lived on our farm for 25 years and we started our butchery in 2019. We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality meat at affordable prices directly from our farm to the public.
Our animals are hormone and antibiotic free. They are pasture raised and grow up naturally on our predator friendly farm. We are serious about providing the public with quality, healthy meat. With that in mind, most of our products contain no preservatives, colourants or additives and are gluten free.
We also farm with various small grain crops and we practise biological farming methods. The role of the animals in our production line plays a large role in the success of being able to call ourselves a biological farming unit. Thanks to the animals’ constant movement over the land as natural grazers, their hooves play a role in the start of the biology in the soil, trampling new bits of plants into the soil to feed the earth life. Another benefit of these natural grazers is that they fertilise the soil with their droppings and urine. This method of farming creates healthy soil, healthy grazing and healthy animals making it possible for us to supply top quality meat from animals that have been raised in an ethical manner.
We do not have a shop on our farm, but we deliver free to central points in and around Cape Town every second Thursday.

Pasture Raised Chicken (Deboned)
100.00 100.00 100.0 ZAR
Beef Stew
90.00 90.00 90.0 ZAR
Lamb Stew
125.00 125.00 125.0 ZAR
BBQ Pork Kebabs
100.00 100.00 100.0 ZAR
Streaky Bacon
125.00 125.00 125.0 ZAR
Bacon Wrapped Cheese Russians
155.00 155.00 155.0 ZAR
Lamb Riblets
130.00 130.00 130.0 ZAR
Lamb Ribs (whole)
130.00 130.00 130.0 ZAR
Braai Box
550.00 550.00 550.0 ZAR
Lamb Chops
150.00 150.00 150.0 ZAR
Whole Lamb
1,890.00 1,890.00 1890.0 ZAR
Half Lamb
1,050.00 1,050.00 1050.0 ZAR
Pasture Raised Chicken
65.00 65.00 65.0 ZAR
Lemon Pork Sausage
85.00 85.00 85.0 ZAR
Cheese Russians
95.00 95.00 95.0 ZAR
Curried Pork Chops
90.00 90.00 90.0 ZAR
Lean Beef Mince
95.00 95.00 95.0 ZAR
Pork Rashers
105.00 105.00 105.0 ZAR
Pork Schnitzels
105.00 105.00 105.0 ZAR
Russian Sausage
85.00 85.00 85.0 ZAR



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